Earl Scioneaux to Release Brassft Punk

Preservation Hall Sound Engineer, Earl Scioneaux III, will be recording a Daft Punk tribute album this Summer. Scioneaux’s unique twist lies in the translation between his Daft Punk arrangements and the brass band musicians performing the music. Scioneaux is funding his project through donations generated by his BRASSFT PUNK KICKSTARTER account. Donations will end on 6/15 at 6:00PM.

“Daft Punk seemed an obvious choice – their music is great, it’s accessible and widely known, and it’s super danceable. What better way to reformat their tunes than the irresistible funky goodness of a New Orleans brass band?”

“I plan to arrange Daft Punk’s 4 biggest hits for brass band.  I’ve already written the arrangement for Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.  The other 3 tunes I’ll be doing are: One More Time, Around the World, and Da Funk.”-Earl Scioneaux III

Earl Scioneaux III Photo by Howard Lambert

Earl Scioneaux’s Brassft Punk Project Goes Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger-Offbeat, by Cate Czarnecki

Daft Punk gets the New Orleans treatment-Ars Technica, by Curt Hopkins

New developments:

Party/performance at Preservation Hall on Dec 15th, midnight – will
explore both electronic and acoustic music and feature, of course, a
performance of Brassft Punk

• Chicago artist Rob Loukotka will be bringing these amazing Daft Punk
replica helmets to the event for photo ops:

•Tickets & pre-orders of the record are available as rewards on
kickstarter.  The kickstarter campaign ends Friday, June 15.

• Multitrack stems of the record are available as an add-on option.
(great for mash-up/remix/dj stuff)